Overlooked Dangers of Tattoos

Overlooked Dangers of TattoosThere are a number of dangers of tattoos that can be easily overlooked, and you need to consider them before you venture into your first tattoo experience. These dangers can be minimized if you follow the proper care and instructions, but also keep in mind that everyone is different. So what may not affect someone else can cause you considerable health problems. Continue reading “Overlooked Dangers of Tattoos”

Tattoo Removal is Possible with Modern Technology

Tattoo Removal is Possible with Modern TechnologyOnce upon a time, the idea of tattoo removal was practically inconceivable, meaning that once you chose to get a tattoo you were stuck with it for life. Even today, there are people who see the decision to get a tattoo as a lifelong commitment. But both history and modern methods show that removing a tattoo is not only possible, but can be done with a minimum of negative physical consequences. Continue reading “Tattoo Removal is Possible with Modern Technology”

Getting the Right Tattoo Ideas

Getting the Right Tattoo IdeasAs the tattoo artist must plan their design, as the recipient of a tattoo you should have more than a few tattoo ideas that you bring with you to give the artist. A quality artist will take the time to discuss with you what you want and what is possible before starting their work. Any artist who is rushing you into getting started right away is very likely someone who you do not want to deal with. Continue reading “Getting the Right Tattoo Ideas”

The Trials of Tattoo Aftercare

The Trials of Tattoo AftercareMany people are initially excited about the opportunity to get a tattoo but overlook tattoo aftercare. There are a number of reasons for this, but there an equal number of reasons to move ahead, including the idea of making a personal statement. So you have done your research, thought about what kind of tattoo you want, consulted with the tattoo artist and are headed to ink your personal statement on the favorite part of your body. Continue reading “The Trials of Tattoo Aftercare”